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Types of Terminals


The ER Series – Standard Screw Clamp Terminals

Our most established and comprehensive range of Screw Clamp DIN rail mounted terminals are easy to use, robust and reliable units. They comprise a pair of single pole, feed through terminal assemblies that are mounted into molded insulation housing.

Mini Terminals
T15 Series - Mini Terminals for TS 15 Rails

Screw type terminals are designed as a result of the studies for the necessity of making terminal connections within enclosures which are getting smaller every day. These terminals providing 2.5 mm2 and 4 mm2 cable connections are mounted on TS 15x5.5 mounting rails. Both cross sections have the same dimensions and a common end plate that can be used for all the range. The terminals are fixed to each other by the pins forming blocks and provide users to make cross connections with patented cross connection system of CCS without keeping extra stock.


PF Series – PUSH FIT Terminals

A realistic alternative to terminal blocks with screw or spring clamp connection and a true time saver. The PUSH FIT clamp is designed to open and accept the wire without the need of a screwdriver. As the wire is pushed into the cavity, the clamp is opened to accept the wire which is then held in place by the force of the clamp.


SC Series - Spring Clamp Terminals

The spring clamp terminals spring clamp is operated by using a screwdriver to provide an access point to wire through the opening in the spring clamp. The wire end gets clamped onto the current bar on the removal of the screwdriver. SC type spring clamp terminals decrease the mounting and revision costs relative to screw type terminals. The interlocking mechanism of the plastic housing prevents terminal blocks being separated from each other when the cables are connected.

High Insulated Terminals for PV
ER(PV) Series Terminals

Designed with the solar industry in mind, IMO PV rated terminals are made using UL94V-0 materials and are 1000V rated up to 175A, with wiring capabilities from 4mm2 to 95mm2.

High Current Bolt-On Terminals
ERB Series - High Current Bolt-on Terminals

ERB (Bolt-On) type rail-mounted terminal blocks are developed to have safe connections of high current carrying conductors. In this type of rail terminals, cable connection is done by cable lugs connected to the tips of the conductor. Isolation cover is designed for cable lugs having different dimensions. Cross connection up to 4poles is available and due to its universal structure, it is possible to mount ERB on MR 32 & MR 35 rails. A fixing screw is also available to maintain a more secure mounting on the DIN rail.

Fuse Terminals
ERF Series - Fuse Terminals

Certain electrical and control systems require protection by fuses and in response, IMO offers fuse terminals with built-in safety fuse links. The terminal has a moving type hinged carrier that has a specially designed space for cartridge type glass fuse of size Ø5x20 or Ø5x25 together with a possibility of a spare one. The fuse can be engaged or disengaged by the movement or the replacement of the carrier in ERF 3M and ERF3 type products respectively. Marking/identification by marking tags is possible on both terminal and fuse carrier. A specially designed built-in circuit gives a light indication in event of fuse blow out.