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IMO Precision Controls are a global industrial manufacturing business specializing in Panel, Automation, Drives, Electronics and Renewable Energy products.

                 Terminal Velocity...

                 Miniature and mighty...

The IMO range of terminals is designed to meet all applications from PCB to heavy industrial. Our DIN-rail range includes feed-through, spring-clamp, push-fit, earth, multilevel, switching or fuse terminal blocks and accessories. They are designed to meet all relevant international standards including UL, DNV, VDE, GOST and a number of products are also certified to CSA, ATEX and IECEx.

Features include wire capacities from 1.5mm up to 240mm, multi-foot design, brass/electrolytic copper current carrying bars reducing electrical losses; corrosion resistant zinc-plated screws and clamps; screwless cross-connection and high insulation with UL rating up to 1000V.

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Bridging the gap, IMO’s Miniature Circuit Breakers offer unrivaled quality and price.

IMO proudly offers a complete range of MCB, RCD and Isolating Switches, including an extensive range of accessories available from stock. All products are RoHS 2 compliant and a number carry the following approvals: CE; VDE; Kema Keur; GOST; RCM.

IMO MCB’s are available in 1P, 1P+N, 2P, 3P and 3P+N, with current range from 1A to 63A. MCB’s come with 10kA short circuit breaking capacity to ensure maximum safety.

IMO RCD’s can detect residual current leakage in electrical installations, tripping to a safe “OFF” state when required. IMO RCD’s are available in both RCCB (Residual Current) and RCBO (Residual & Over Current) configurations.

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